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When you're a student in a foreign country, there is always something new to learn apart from the language.

student welfare

Here at United World, we aim to ensure that your experience in the UK is a safe and positive one. We understand that students face many new challenges and situations and we have staff available to assist with any problems or difficulties you may have.

All students will have an induction, student card and be introduced to key members of staff on their first day in school. The school 24 hour emergency number and email address is on the back of the school identity card. We will give information regarding who to speak to, lesson timetables, rules and regulations of the school and British law.

All staff members have had safeguarding training which includes understanding and recognising the possibility of grooming, extremism and radicalisation in today’s society

preparing for your language learning adventure

Make sure you have...

... your Letter of Acceptance.

... a valid passport or ID, and a visa (if required).

... travel insurance and health insurance.

... some pounds sterling £ for the beginning of your stay.

If you are taking any prescribed medicine, please bring a letter with relevant information from your doctor.

culture and behaviour in the uk

In The UK there may be many cultural or behavioural differences. We've asked our students to tell us the ones that they feel are the most important:

  1. Be polite. Always say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.

  2. British people queue in shops, banks etc. and when waiting for the bus.

  3. Don’t touch children that you don’t know.

  4. Don’t kiss people that you don’t know on the cheek.

  5. British people like enough personal space when talking to people so don’t stand too close.

life in the uk

England might be more expensive than you think.

Opening and closing times for shops are probably different than in your country. Most shops and businesses open at 9am and close about 5.30pm. Shops do not close at lunchtime. Many shops are also open on Sundays.

Learn some phrases to use at the Airport when you arrive.

Change some money to Pounds sterling (£) before you come.

What about your mobile phone? You may need to unlock it before you come?

If you are vegetarian or don’t eat pork or beef, make sure you check food labels as many things contain gelatine (including some yoghurt).

The weather can change a lot. Bring warm clothes and an umbrella, even in the summer.

Many products also contain nuts, so be careful if you have a nut allergy.

You will need to show your ID or passport to do a number of things in The UK. This includes entry into bars and clubs

staying with a british family

It is a nice gesture to buy a small gift for your host family. Many students also like to email the family to let them know about them and inform them of arrival times.

Most families are mixed male and female. They may also have students from other schools of the opposite sex.

Host families usually have dinner (the main meal of the day) between 6pm and 7pm. You are expected to have dinner at his time with the family. You can tell your family if there is anything that you particularly enjoy eating. Lunch is a snack, such as a sandwich.

Many British families have pet cats or dogs.

Remember that most host families work and/or have children. If you wish to skype/talk to your family late at night due to time differences, try to be respectful of people who may be sleeping in your house.

English houses do not usually have a bidet and you may not be able to use the shower late at night (after 11pm). 

A bathroom is usually shared in families. It is not usual to have a bathroom connected to your room for your use only (en-suite).

You cannot cook for yourself in host families. However, families usually enjoy tasting food from other countries and if you know how to cook, perhaps you can cook something typical for them.

If you are not sure if you are allowed to use something in the house, always check and ask first.

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