We are proud to offer a series of Professional English courses for different work skills and industries.

These are very practical hands-on programmes delivered through relevant topics, engaging role-play, and a variety of written and communicative tasks providing lexical foundations for each specialist subject. And the best thing is that you can choose what it is that you want to learn!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the United family!

The first thing you have to do is decide how many lessons you want to have every week. Our classes run Monday to Friday and you have the following options:

Professional 22

Our Professional 22 programme consists of:

  • 17 hours of General English per Week

  • 7.5 hours of FCE preparation

Professional 24

Our Professional 24 programme consists of:

  • 15 hours of General English

  • 5 hours of FCE/CAE/IELTS preparation

Why English for Exams?

  • Our English for Exam programmes offer a blend of business and general English. This means you will study not only learn business vocabulary and expressions, but also grammar, vocabulary and all language skills required to be successful in a competitive market.

  • You can choose the number of lessons and supplement them with private tuition if you want.

  • You can also choose a specialism that is related to your area of expertise and combine it with one of our work skills topics. This means you will be learning specific vocabulary as wells as general business language.

  • Thorough placement procedures that ensure you have the level to take the most out of your Professional English programme.

  • Multi-national classes that promote communication between you and other students from all over the world.

  • Continuous assessment allows you to track your progress on a weekly basis and leave no gaps behind.

  • Personalised tutorials and feedback.

  • Guided homework and the development of self-study skills.

  • Teachers certified by University of Cambridge

  • Modern textbooks and course materials.

When can I start my courses?

Good news is you can start your course any Monday as long as it is not a Bank Holiday here in England. If there is a Bank Holiday* on your first week, you will then start your course on a Tuesday. Our continuous assessment policy allows us to offer you a class that challenges your current English language proficiency 44 weeks a year. However, we do recommend A1 students to start their courses in the months of January, April, July or September.

* Bank Holidays 2020 10th April (Good Friday), 13th April (Easter Monday), 8th May (Early Many bank holiday), 25th May (Spring bank holiday), 31st August (Summer bank holiday).

The school will be closed for the Christmas holidays from 23.12.2020  to 04.01.2021

Industries and Professions


We offer the following preparation programmes

International Business 

Legal English 



Medical English

Travel &


Aviation English


How much?

Please note that these courses only run during Low Season (January to May & September to December)

22 lessons

17 hours

20 lessons English for Life +

2 lessons Professional English

1 week..............


24 lessons

24.5 hours

20 lessons English for Life +

2 lessons Professional English

1 week..............


Need accommodation?

Would you like to add any extras to your course?