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extra curricular activities

At United World we believe that the English experience should continue outside of the classroom. In order to fully benefit from their stay in Bournemouth, our students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in activities where they can continue to practise their English, make new friends and learn more about life in England. We provide a varied social and activity programme all year round which caters for all preferences and allows you to make the most out of your time in the UK. Our trips and activities are either free or can be booked for a small cost at reception.

low season - september to may

During the low season we offer many indoor activities and trips so that our learners get the opportunity to improve their language skills in different environments and situations. Some of the most popular activities are:

Film Night

Song Night

International Food Night

Conversation Club

high season - june,july, and august

Apart from our popular all year round activities programme, during the high season we offer even more language learning experiences to our students. These include:

Beach Volleyball

Barbecue Party

Scavenger Hunt

Mini Marathon


Would you like more information about our extra curricular activities? We're here to help!

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